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Our Purpose

Behind the Brand

In February 2019, Zakiya decided to continue to push her boundaries by campaigning for her position as Miss Senior on the platform #InsideOut. This platform was meant to encourage students to live healthier lifestyles while in college in order to maintain better mental, physical, and spiritual health.
Zakiya has personally struggled with self doubt and low self esteem while growing up, and decided to take a healthy approach to her healing and aims to encourage and inspire others to do the same. A big part of her healing has been self expression through various hairstyles and apparel. Her passion for self expression and holistic health have met with the creation of this brand. As Zakiya continues her self-love journey, she found it necessary to create a platform for others to join and learn with her. Living to inspire and empower others, she decided to keep her #InsideOut campaign alive and turn it into something bigger that could help more people struggle with healing from their insecurities. 
On January 1, 2020, she released her brand with her first clothing line, "The Butterfly Collection". This collection's purpose was to announce the brand and encourage others that they can truly transform and evolve just like the Butterfly.  As the brand is expanding, she is now offering fitness and health plans and challenges that equip customers with action steps to reach their goals.
Below are some of the principles that the brand, Best Life Inside Out was founded on. 

The BLIO Breakdown: What is BLIO? 

“Best Life” REpresents your spiritual health. 
“Inside” REpresents your mental health.
"Out”“ REpresents your physical health.

Royal Purple REpresents royalty because we are all queens and kings. 
Sky Blue REpresents spirituality and how we are always connected to God through everything we do. 
The Butterfly REpresents the full growth and transformation of a person.
This unique brand allows you to show the world what’s inside of you on the outside.
What she believes to be true for every client she works with is:


Bio-individuality is the concept that no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone. People have their own unique needs and will have a way of eating and living that works best for them. Your perfect diet could make someone else gain weight or feel lethargic, while someone else’s morning run could leave your body feeling weak and depleted. In addition, your needs will likely change over time. Exactly what you’re doing now probably won’t work in the same way as you and your life evolve. You’ll have to keep checking in to see what’s working for you as you go through life changes!


Food affects your whole being – from your blood to your DNA, you are what you eat. Food enters the bloodstream, and blood is what creates your cells, tissues, and organs. Food has the power to regenerate the new you.
This concept includes the idea that the same basic food and lifestyle changes can help everyone. The world of diets and dietary theories is extremely complicated and can be so overwhelming. Although it’s important for people to understand themselves and what works best for them individually, there are basic health recommendations that will benefit every person. Going back to the basics, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, reducing stress, and sleeping regularly are just some of the key components in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


Your primary food – career, relationships, finances, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors – plays an equal if not greater role in improving your overall health and wellness than what’s on your plate. We’re not just nourished by food; we need movement, stability, adventure, intentions, and self-expression in our lives to thrive. Health is not only about diet and exercise. You can eat a perfect diet and work out daily, but if you have a stressful job or are in a relationship that doesn’t serve you, you won’t reach your potential for true health and wellness.
As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, it’s my number one priority to be a guide and resource in your own personal health and wellness journey.


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