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Meet Your Coach

Zakiya Evans is committed to empowering you to reach your health and fitness goals by using integrative nutrition and science based methods.
At the surface, Zakiya Evans is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She served as Miss Senior 2019-2020 for Tuskegee University and is a recent Spring 2020 graduate. She received her B.S in Computer Science Information Systems. She is passionate about technology and holistic health, and her goal is to use the two to fulfill her purpose of helping others become their best selves.
On a deeper level, weight management has been something that Zakiya has struggled with her entire life despite her busy and active lifestyle growing up. This was mainly due to poor nutrition and lack of knowledge. She didn't question the role nutrition played in a healthy lifestyle until 2018. In January 2018, she decided to begin her self love and weight loss journey and lost roughly 35 lbs within that year. She spent this year experimenting with many diets including strict calorie counting, low carb, and the keto diet. In January 2019, she participated in a spiritual fast from meat, and loved how it made her feel. So she decided to transition into a plant based lifestyle and hasn't looked back since. Her experience with each of these diets led to her new lifestyle and has given her a well rounded view of how she can help people in the different stages of their health and lifestyle journeys.
Throughout her time at IIN, she learned that diet culture can be problematic and it's more about the journey than the destination. It is more important to find something sustainable for you individually and your lifestyle so that you can carry it out long term. Overall, loving yourself in every stage is the most valuable ingredient no matter what! Zakiya learned quite a few vital concepts about holistic health and was able to apply them to her own life. She now lives her life and runs her business using these principles that promote self love and a healthy lifestyle. 



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